A Successful Shoot and Preparing to Kickstart

The second shoot went off extremely well. I had a shooting script prepared and a larger crew helping with the lighting and camera work. the shots turned up a lot cleaner and a lot clearer. Earlier in the day I scouted the location and found that the light posts had outlets in them. I know that probably isn’t common, but we got really lucky. I originally planned on asking some people who lived across the street if I could run an extension cord from their house, but it turned out I didn’t need to.

I’ve got enough video to start putting the trailer together and shoot the Kickstarter video. Once that’s ready the Kickstarter will be ready to launch. I plan to have the kickstarter begin around the second weekend of January. Still a lot to come together by then. More news to come.


Filming Over Break

Tonight will be our second evening of shooting. The last shoot we held was last Thursday and though things went reasonably well with the actors and time many of the shots were too dark, and some were too shaky. It’s going to take a lot of planning to get more light on set with the exterior shoot, and I’m still working to make as many options available as possible. We will be shooting the scenes of walking to and from the bar, as well as the first two encounters. I’ll post after the shoot on how we did (or didn’t) do the lighting.

Production Begins

My First Post. I’ve never blogged before, so here’s to a rough start. Today my film project was approved by kickstarter to be judged by the world of indie investors, and is what I consider to be the first day of production. Preproduction has been over for a while now as I have waited for the snow, and the right cast for my film. Living in a small town with a technological university has made acting selections pretty sparse, but I have managed to find some options. With some planning we are looking to begin and finish filming during Christmas break. If I am required to shoot with my backup cast, filming will take place in January. Like I mentioned, I want this film to kickstart my filming career whether it be indie or professional, and because of that I need publicity for the film. I intend to do a lot of research on film festivals with the help of Withoutabox.com and hopefully find a large selection of festivals that would be a good home to my film. It all started here, now all there is to do is keep the momentum going. Happy shooting!